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Algochain is a UK Registered company found by a group of Wall Street high frequency traders. We have 30 years of combined experience trading the cryptocurrency market using cutting edge machine learning algorithms.

It's the best time to utilize the machine learning Algo to trade cryptocurrency because of huge volatility in these new assets(Each currency has its own Blockchain and that's where our company name comes from). Our trading bots are connected to major Crypto Exchanges, placing orders at lightning speed, exploiting winning patterns in crypto market. We trade at millisecond intervals, those small profits do add up to consistent returns, day in and day out. We are a long/short fund, means there's always a chance to make profit no matter it's a falling or rising market. Don't miss the chance to draw profit from crypto craze. Join us and double your returns in just 24 hours!

Algochain is definitely a stallion when it comes to high frequency trading. We have the best team in this arena. Our award winning system is a master product designed and executed by our expert team. In addition we have strict risk control,an enterprise risk control system running with our trading bots at the same time. Our ethos "Consistent profit with minimal risk!
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70 hours Plan
The plan is designed for hours returns
1.5% hourly
for 70 hours
Minimum Deposit: $10
Maximum Deposit: $500
Principal Included
ROI 105%
48 hours Plan
The plan is designed for hours returns
2.6% hourly
for 48 hours
Minimum Deposit: $100
Maximum Deposit: $5000
Principal Included
ROI 125%
24 hours Plan
The plan is designed for hours returns
10.4% hourly
for 24 hours
Minimum Deposit: $500
Maximum Deposit: $50000
Principal Included
ROI 250%
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HYIPho**: $70.00
ihyips**: $65.00
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Our Features

The company consists of professional traders and market experts, which allows to minimize risks.
The company's investment offer is available to a wide range of online entrepreneurs.

Official registration in the United Kingdom allows our clients to invest as safely as possible.

We provide not only timely accrual of profit, but also relatively fast processing of payments.
The company website is reliably protected in technical terms and placed a dedicated server.

Users of the investment platform can use a flexible system of user account settings.

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